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Additives and Preservatives

**This list will be continually updated**

Acidified Sodium Chlorite- A micro bacterial agent used on fruits, vegetables, meats, shellfish and poultry .  This product is not generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA, but the two components that make up Acidified Sodium Chlorite (Citric Acid and sodium chlorite) are recognized, separately, by the FDA as GRAS.

Autolyzed Yeast- A hidden form of MSG.

Canola Oil- Source of GMOs.

Caramel color– A food coloring produced by heating sugar to high temperatures. It is often found in sodas, breads and desserts. It is considered to be a potential carcinogen to humans.

Carmine- A coloring that is used to color fruit cocktail, baked goods and meats. It is derived from insects.

Carrageenan- A binding and thickening agent used in foods that is derived from red seaweed. The agent has been shown to cause cancer in animals and is considered to be a potential carcinogen to humans. Commonly found in frozen dinners, dairy products, cold cuts and nutritional drinks. Also known as Irish Moss.

Caseinate- (sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate)- Hidden forms of MSG.

Castoreum- Used as a natural flavoring for strawberry products. It is derived from the castor sacs near the anus of beavers.

Civet Absolute– Used as natural flavoring for drinks, ice cream, baked goods, candies, and chewing gum. It is derived from the anus of a civet cat.

Cottonseed Oil- Used as an emulsifier and texturizer in foods. It is made by pressing the oil of out the cotton seed plant. Cotton crops are treated with high doses of pesticides. Cottonseed oil contains higher amounts of Omega-6 (causes inflammation) and partially hydrogenated cotton seed oil is a trans fat.

Disodium Guanylate: Related to MSG and commonly used in conjunction with MSG.

Enzyme Modified-A hidden form of MSG.

Ferrous Sulfate-Added iron

Glutamic Acid- A hidden form of MSG.

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)– Made from processed corn. A cheap sugar substitute that  can lead to  diabetes. Consumption of HFCS can lead to weight gain because it metabolizes in the liver and turned into fat.  High Fructose corn syrup should be avoided.

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein– A food flavor enhancer product.  Also known as MSG.  May cause headaches, fast heart rates, tingling in muscles, anxiety, and chest pains.

Maltodexterin- Starch commonly obtained from potato or corn

Monosodium Glumate(MSG)– An additive used in food to enhance flavor.  Can produce symptoms such as anxiety , chest pains,  fast heart rate, headaches, tingling muscles. May hide under names like “flavorings” or “spices” on ingredient list.

Natural Flavor- Possible form of hidden MSG

Nitrates or nitrites – Preservatives found in processed meats such as, hot dogs, lunch meat,  and vacuumed packed salmon. Nitrates and Nitrites are believed to increase the risk for pancreatic cancer.

Potassium Bromate– This is a chemical compound used to enhance elasticity in bread dough. It has been banned in most other countries due to cancer risk. The United States still allows potassium bromated to be put into foods.

Propylene Glycol- Can be used as a dough conditioner, emulsifier, anti-caking agent, flavoring agent. Is also found in antifreeze  used in cars. It can be toxic and should be avoided.

Red No. 40- Artificial dye linked to hyper activity in children.

Riboflavin- Added vitamin B2

Soy Protein– Source of GMOs and MSG.

Soy Protein Isolate– Source of GMOs and MSG.

Soy Lecithin- Emulsifier,stabilizer and  shelf life extender ..probable GMO.

Spices-Often contain MSG.

Tapioca Starch– Thicking agent

Textured Protein– Hidden form of MSG.

Thiamin Mononitrate- Added vitamin B1

Yeast Extract- A hidden from of MSG

Yellow 6- An artificial dye linked to hyper activity in children.

Sources: A-Z Guide to Food Additives, Happy Cow, Truth In Labeling, Live Strong, Dr. Mercola, Cornucopia Institute, Is it Kosher,


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