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Carmine Food Coloring

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One of my most viewed posts.. The source of Carmine Food Coloring.

Know What's in Your Food

Would you  eat strawberry yogurt that contained pulverized beetle body parts? Would you consider purchasing a box of Kellogg’s Pop Tarts that contain ground up beetles? Probably not. Food manufacturers are aware this might be a turn off, so they cleverly disguise this very thing by calling it carmine.  Take a look at your ingredient list, for foods that are naturally colored red, they may contain carmine. Carmine is made from the cochineal beetle. The process for making dye from the beetles starts with thousands of cochineal beetles  that are collected and dried.  After drying,  the abdomen and fertilized eggs of the insects are separated from the rest of the body.  The abdomen and fertilized eggs contain the most red color of the beetle. The abdomen and  fertilized eggs are then ground into powder and cooked at a high temperature. The final product contains the settlement of the beetles at the bottom and a red clear liquid. The liquid is used as natural food…

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I am a novice food investigator, researcher, and activist. I have a passion for knowing where the food we eat comes from, and the choices we have to make it better.

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